Reflections on meetups

A big perk of working for Automattic is the meetups. A couple times a year each Automattician gets the chance to meet up with colleagues in various places around the world. The location can be anywhere from Utah to Hawaii to Cyprus.

At the time of writing, I’m sitting on a flight returning from the annual Akismet team meetup. This year we chose Destin, FL as the location. Over the past week we have spent time invaluable time together, and I wanted to share some thoughts and experiences on what makes these weeks so special.

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Goals for 2015

In keeping with my tradition set last year, I’m going to set some goals for 2015.

Sure, goals and resolutions for the new year seem kind of cliché. But setting goals for yourself, both personally and professionally, are a great way to help you grow and achieve success. If you don’t aspire to reach a goal, it’s harder to stay motivated.

A new year is a time to hit reset, and give myself a clear starting point and deadline. Setting public goals gives me some accountability. Here they are in no particular order:

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