As the parents of a 3-year-old, my wife and I deal with whining and attitude on a daily basis. Our daughter is at a stage where she’s constantly testing the limits and rules, trying to push as much as she can. It’s a power of wills, to see if we’ll break… Continue reading Meltdown


The message in church yesterday was about forgiveness. True forgiveness comes from within. It’s not something you extend outward to others. To truly forgive is to let it all go, don’t hold a grudge, and be at peace. So you can greet someone with a genuine smile the next time you see them. When someone … Continue reading Forgiveness

Kids grow up fast

Yesterday the family visited the zoo to celebrate our son’s first birthday. Everyone had a lot of fun making memories feeding giraffes and checking out all the animals. Based on the laughter, smiles, and wonder at seeing these exotic animals in real life, it’s safe to assume he enjoyed the experience. It’s a bittersweet thing … Continue reading Kids grow up fast

Do Anything

Being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s exhausting. It’s frustrating. It’s downright debilitating sometimes. More often than not I’m stressed, frustrated, even angry. And I hate that. Parenting requires so much sacrifice. Am I sacrificing too much that I’m losing who I am? I’m too tired to want to play. I’m … Continue reading Do Anything

“I stopped caring about my career when I had kids,” he says. “Everything that I do, every decision that I make, is how I can get home to my four-year-old and six-year-old faster.” I love this quote from Scott Hanselman, a program manager at Microsoft, author and avid blogger and speaker. It’s from a talk … Continue reading

On parenthood

Parenthood is the single greatest thing you can do in this life. It’s the only thing that has any real meaning. You can build cities, amass fortunes, acquire fame, and none of it will matter. But that little girl’s hand in yours while you walk through the park? That moment has no price. Continue reading On parenthood