The mountain is alive

This morning I’m sitting outside for my cup of coffee. The house sleeps. The kids are reading in their room, awake earlier than we want them to be. The sun starts to peak through the trees, a welcome warmth on my cheek in the chilly morning mountain air. Catbirds sing their haphazard songs, the drumming … Continue reading The mountain is alive

First solo performance

That title can be misleading. When I say “solo” I mean the music itself I played was written and released under my own name. It’s not a band. But I did have James from Chiseled Lilies back me up on the drums, so I wasn’t by myself on stage. It’s also not technically the first … Continue reading First solo performance

First Day Hike

“Mommy, look at my walking stick!” What would normally be a loud crunch of the gravel under our feet is overpowered by the kids’ voices pointing out the sights and sounds of the trail. The air is crisp. The slight wind chills my nose. My lips feel tight in the cold air. We’re on our … Continue reading First Day Hike