The mountain is alive

This morning I’m sitting outside for my cup of coffee. The house sleeps. The kids are reading in their room, awake earlier than we want them to be. The sun starts to peak through the trees, a welcome warmth on my cheek in the chilly morning mountain air. Catbirds sing their haphazard songs, the drumming … Continue reading The mountain is alive

First solo performance

That title can be misleading. When I say “solo” I mean the music itself I played was written and released under my own name. It’s not a band. But I did have James from Chiseled Lilies back me up on the drums, so I wasn’t by myself on stage. It’s also not technically the first … Continue reading First solo performance

In the library

The harsh, buzzing fluorescent lighting spoils the otherwise welcoming environment of this branch of the local library. To the left the librarians are chatting as they check in the books returned. School-aged kids on the computers near the door, what I assume are the latest music videos playing on the screen. Heads bobbing with headphones … Continue reading In the library

Happy New Year

“I’m a monkey-slash-pig!” The kids are playing make believe as they climb through the low branches of a wild rhododendron. Theo tried his hardest to keep up with the big girls, jumping as high as he can to sit on one of the lowest branches. It’s New Year’s Day and the weather is a beautiful … Continue reading Happy New Year

Thirty minutes

The house is quiet. So quiet I can hear the low hum of the furnace in the basement and the hiss of the Keurig as it heats water in the kitchen. It’s a rare moment when both kids are content to play and read quietly by themselves. A drastic, but welcome change from the past … Continue reading Thirty minutes

Not everyone likes me

In the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson explains that it’s not about not giving a fuck about nothing, but not giving a fuck about the unimportant things. He talks about finding the right values to guide you. I’ve been doing a little bit of introspection about this idea and … Continue reading Not everyone likes me