Crossroads of the World

“Look, that sign has Pluto!” The kids yell to us to draw our attention toward the sky. The bright neon of Pluto’s Toy Palace glows yellow against the darkening sky. The night lights up all around with neon signs and big flashing lightbulbs. Stepping into the streets of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is like stepping back … Continue reading Crossroads of the World


“This one is a big shell!” The youngest is taking his mid-day nap in the camper. The weather outside finally broke from the cold rain we’ve had all week. Blue skies with a warm sun shining through the paintbrush stroke clouds.  We’re outside finding things to do and suddenly there’s an impromptu scavenger hunt for … Continue reading Fossils

Vintage camper

I fell in love with vintage campers this week.  This 1960s Shasta camper (or possibly a 2015 re-issue) was parked near the entrance of our campground. Every time I passed it I just stared at it. Little vintage campers like this have so much more character than the modern ones today. Everything from the shape … Continue reading Vintage camper

Spanish Villa

“Is this it? This place is huge!” I stepped into my home for the week, greeted by a grand entryway. This week I’m living in a beautiful Spanish villa near Barcelona. Each  I one has a name. This one’s name is Villa Catalina. “Wait, have I been down this hallway yet? No, this is another … Continue reading Spanish Villa

Automattic Grand Meetup 2016

Last week, 467 developers, designers, and happiness engineers descended upon Whistler, Canada. Every Automattician that could make it joined together near Vancouver for the eleventh annual Automattic Grand Meetup. The 2-hour drive from Vancouver airport to Whistler Village was beautiful. We traveled up the coast through winding roads, sandwiched between gorgeous Pacific Ocean and mountain … Continue reading Automattic Grand Meetup 2016

In Vienna

Last week my team got together in Vienna, Austria. One of our team members, Luca Sartoni, lives in the city. Free time during this meetup had a different vibe. Since we had a local with us, walking around was a lot more interesting than aimlessly wandering an unknown city trying to guess what things might be. … Continue reading In Vienna

In Amsterdam

I spent this past week in Amsterdam with colleagues for a team meetup. We got some great face-to-face time while working through projects. That face time is essential for creating a lasting bond with your team when our main communication is online chat. Working Since my team is focused on design and growth within the … Continue reading In Amsterdam