Surf City

5 thoughts on “Surf City”

  1. Dan -This almost made me cry, and I don’t cry easily.  You have no idea how much this meant to us, and I am so glad you want to make the same memories with your family.  I will never forget the weeks we had at the shore. They were my favorite vacations. What street in Surf City?  And what is an Airbnb?  Love,  Mom-Mom   P.S. I did not bake the great sugar cookies.  They came from the bakery!

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    1. They were my favorite vacations too. So many great memories from my childhood happened down there. Too many to share in one blog post here.

      I’m not sure what street were staying on, somewhere around 3rd street I think. Airbnb is a site where homeowners can list properties for rent, cutting out the middle man of renting through an agency or property manager.


  2. I grew up with most summers spent on the beach in Sea Bright, NJ – and many years later my husband and I and our kids lived in Cape May County, NJ – such great times. Just came back from a trip there to see our oldest and his family. We now live in The Middle and I miss the ocean often. Thanks for sharing your memories. 😀 cate b


    1. I’ve never been to Cape May, but have heard it’s beautiful! That was on my list of places to look at for our vacation, but ultimately ended up on LBI. Hopefully you can get back to the ocean sometime soon.

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