The kids are playing in the yard. There’s a thud thud thud sound as they jump on the cover of the sandbox shaped like a boat. Lots of laughter.  The low sun at the end of a spring day paints beautiful, long shadows across the lawn. It’s warm on our skin, but gets chilly when the … Continue reading Lucy


“Mommy! Look how beautiful these are!” We’re at a local greenhouse searching for flowers to plant on Earth Day. There are rows of beautiful, fragrant flowers. You can hear the light pitter-patter of the morning rain on the plastic roof.  Our daughter asks to pull the wagon that’s starting to fill up with flowers.  I … Continue reading Flowers

Cancelled flight

“7:10 AM tomorrow, Barcelona time, is the earliest flight to Philadelphia I see.” “There’s nothing today? Not even to New York? I’m totally cool with flying to New York and driving home if it gets me home today.” I’m on the phone with American Airlines. My flight home from Barcelona was cancelled due to weather … Continue reading Cancelled flight

Spanish Villa

“Is this it? This place is huge!” I stepped into my home for the week, greeted by a grand entryway. This week I’m living in a beautiful Spanish villa near Barcelona. Each  I one has a name. This one’s name is Villa Catalina. “Wait, have I been down this hallway yet? No, this is another … Continue reading Spanish Villa