It’s Time: Apply For Early Access to Your Own .blog Domain Name

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If you’ve been looking for the perfect address for your blog, it’s about to get even easier. Millions of new .blog domain names (like will be available this November — and starting today, you can apply to secure your own domain name. Just go to and apply… Continue reading It’s Time: Apply For Early Access to Your Own .blog Domain Name

Give me a hint

As I was trying to reset a password on my Relay For Life account, I ran into this awful case of really bad user experience (UX). When I’m first taken to the form there is no indication or hint as to any rules for the password field. Sometimes you’ll see rules or restrictions for password fields … Continue reading Give me a hint

Jared Sinclair writes about why being a designer and “good design” is less about the product and more about the process you take to get there. Focus on the process of designing and explore the many possible solutions, no matter how bad they are. Keeping your mind open and not taking the fastest route to execution will help you … Continue reading

Infinite background-image animation loop

After I redesigned the “How Does Akismet Work” page, I realized the spam sorter graphic was just itching to be animated. Converting the main machine box into a gif with some flashing lights was easy enough. The conveyor belt is what gave me some trouble. I’m posting my solution here because the bug I came across was something so simple to fix and I just didn’t see it.

Continue reading “Infinite background-image animation loop”

Akismet Goodies

For a while now, my colleague Nick Hamze and I have been in cohorts developing ideas for Akismet swag (aka promotional items). Mostly stickers on our own dime and one-off things he makes in his home created with my designs. All for fun. About two months ago Nick came to me excitedly saying we were … Continue reading Akismet Goodies