Nothing To Declare (demo)

8 thoughts on “Nothing To Declare (demo)”

  1. I found that I was singing this after it was finished. Good job 🙂

    The melody in the verses feels a little immature. I think if you let it sit with you for a bit it will develop into something stronger. Keep playing!

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  2. Dan,

    I like the style and form of this!

    I think it needs to be slightly faster to match the intensity of your vocal sound/aesthetic.

    You could linger:fade/echo a little longer on the last notes of the solo before cutting back to style of the beginning.

    The opening background riff is nice (especially with the linear ascent of the half steps at the end), I wonder if you could explore different chords and a bassline variety towards the beginning. I’m thinking of 3 Doors Down for some reason.

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    1. Thanks, Steve! It’s great to hear from you. I agree it needs to be a bit faster. I also think there should be more of a build up transition between verse and chorus. It feels kind of abrupt but maybe that’s just me.


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