I used to write music

2 thoughts on “I used to write music”

  1. Do you want to start a Blink 182 cover band? Here is how I would see a live show going:

    1) Anthem Part Two
    2) The Rock Show
    3) Dammit
    4) Down
    5) I Miss You
    6) Adam’s Song
    7) A New Hope
    8) Untitled
    9) Man Overboard
    10) First Date
    11) What’s My Age Again? (house lights on)

    12) Anthem

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  2. Go on. pick it up, have a little noodle! I’ve been writing music and playing in bands of little note for almost 30 years, can’t seem to give It up despite having hardly any spare time outside of work and family. Recording with my band tomorrow actually.


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