Do Anything

One thought on “Do Anything”

  1. “am I really cut out for this?”

    Yes, you are. You said it all in that final sentence. And admitting that it’s hard is the first step: you’re keeping it real. I remember when I was a new mom and told one of my friends how awful it was — the lack of sleep, the crying (both mine and our son’s), the resentment (I’ll never get to eat in a fancy restaurant again! I’ll never be able to use the bathroom alone again!) — she raised an eyebrow and said, “Wow, I’ve never heard anyone say that out loud before.” She didn’t judge me though – she appreciated that I was honest. Parenting is hard, and that’s real. Pretending it’s not doesn’t do anyone, including our children and other future parents, any favors. And being honest about the fact that it _is_ hard, helps others feel less guilty about those secret feelings of shame that all parents harbor, and it sets more realistic expectations of what it’s like to enter into parenthood.

    Also, it does get a lot easier 🙂

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