Not everyone likes me

5 thoughts on “Not everyone likes me”

  1. There is no growth without conflict. Truth. I need to read “Not Giving a Fuck” and have heard a lot about Manson, but I appreciate this snippet. I, too, have fallen prey to the classic blunder of giving a fuck about how people think of me. Still true to this day, but I’m a little more likely to work on it after this reminder.

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    1. It’s really hard not to care about how people think of you. In truth, I think it’s ok to some extent, as long as it doesn’t completely change who you are. But I’m right there with you in giving too many fucks about being likable.


  2. Congratulations Dan for being able to see how this has been playing out in your life. It takes courage to walk the journey of self discovery. Just remember that you were not born to fit in…you were born to be uniquely you. Thank you for sharing. 😊


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