Daily Photo Project

I got my first camera sometime in high school. Then I took a few semesters of film photography courses in college. I will always prefer the visceral experience of film over digital — waiting to see how the shots came out, the smell of the developer solution, spending hours manually manipulating exposure in the dark room, the necessity … Continue reading Daily Photo Project

What did you do today?

After getting an email the other day from IFTTT about the Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug I realized I had nearly forgotten about the service. I decided to check it out again. What is IFTTT? For those who don’t know, IFTTT is “a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that”. The idea is … Continue reading What did you do today?

Disposable Photo

I’ve always had an interest in guerrilla art and social experiments, and wanted to try one myself. This particular one has been in the works for some time now and I’m happy to see it finally coming together. Disposable Photo is both an art project and social experiment. The idea is to leave cameras out … Continue reading Disposable Photo