In Vienna

Last week my team got together in Vienna, Austria. One of our team members, Luca Sartoni, lives in the city. Free time during this meetup had a different vibe. Since we had a local with us, walking around was a lot more interesting than aimlessly wandering an unknown city trying to guess what things might be. … Continue reading In Vienna

In Amsterdam

I spent this past week in Amsterdam with colleagues for a team meetup. We got some great face-to-face time while working through projects. That face time is essential for creating a lasting bond with your team when our main communication is online chat. Working Since my team is focused on design and growth within the … Continue reading In Amsterdam

Reflections on meetups

A big perk of working for Automattic is the meetups. A couple times a year each Automattician gets the chance to meet up with colleagues in various places around the world. The location can be anywhere from Utah to Hawaii to Cyprus.

At the time of writing, I’m sitting on a flight returning from the annual Akismet team meetup. This year we chose Destin, FL as the location. Over the past week we have spent time invaluable time together, and I wanted to share some thoughts and experiences on what makes these weeks so special.

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Park City, Utah

This past week was the annual Automattic Grand Meetup in Park City, Utah. The mountain views were incredible, and every single one of the people I met were just as amazing. I got to spend the week working on a project with colleagues I don’t normally work with which was really fun. There were also plenty … Continue reading Park City, Utah