Project LP: Week 10

2 thoughts on “Project LP: Week 10”

  1. Here are some things that help me:
    – Make music you want to listen to – if you’re happy with the result and you enjoy listening to you then you know you did it right
    – The creative process and the editing process are totally separate things. Allow yourself to create without being self-critical. It helps if you can get into a “flow” mindset where the ideas come without you looking for them.
    – Quality of over quantity – if your album ends up only being a minute long that’s totally fine, as long as you are happy with that minute.

    Also check out this:

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    1. Awesome advice, thanks Ben. I agree with all of this. I definitely got into the flow mindset in my session yesterday. Just playing for the sake of playing, not looking for ideas (but recording everything I played).

      The original goal was to have a full-length album of 12-ish songs. But I think you’re right that quality over quantity is better.

      I’ll check out the article you linked.

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